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More than a half century ago, visionary and humanitarian Ann Wigmore developed a simple concept first voiced by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, nearly 2,500 years ago: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Together with the brilliant Viktoras Kulvinskas, Ms. Wigmore nurtured this seed, creating a comprehensive institute that encourages people to draw from their vast inner resources to transform the quality of their health and lives. The commitment to this inspired truth is embodied in Hippocrates Health Institute, a non-profit organization that has offered comprehensive wellness programs for over 60 years.

Set in a lush, tropical 50-acre setting in West Palm Beach, Florida, guests from all over the world benefit from health and nutritional counseling, non-invasive remedial and youth-enhancing therapies, state-of-the-art spa services, inspiring talks on life principles and a tantalizing daily buffet of enzyme-rich, organic meals.

Our goal is to assist people in taking responsibility for their lives and to help them internalize and actualize an existence free from premature aging, disease and needless pain.

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Min årliga gemensamma hälsoresa till Hippocrates Health Instite i WPB, Florida

Följ mig på ditt livs hälsoresa!
Att uppleva Hippocrates Health Institutes 3 veckors Life Transformation program rekommenderar jag alla att göra en gång i sitt liv, så tidigt som möjligt.
Det är en hälsoinvestering på högsta nivå!
 (2 veckor går att välja som alternativ, om 3 veckor inte är genomförbart)
Awareness – Prevention – Support – Action steps.
HOPE; hormon-oxygen-phytonutrient-enzyme rich organic, vegan, raw Living food.
Self-love! Body reset!

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Life Transformation program

3 weeks Life Transformation program. 
Incheckning varje söndag, året om. 
We have spent more than six decades structuring the absolute best and most comprehensive, effective and affordable health and wellness program possible. One that incorporates the most powerful and integrative, holistic and alternative healing modalities so that you can say goodbye to the pain and diseases that plague you. You will finally learn how to help yourself! 

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weight loss rebounder

Weightloss program

Are you looking for the best way to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively?
A way that is natural, quick and allows you to eat unlimited amounts of food?
A way that teaches you the optimal way to eat so that you can both nourish your body and mind abundantly, while also losing excess fat from your body?
A way that helps you to overcome food addictions and dependencies without that feeling of hunger or deprivation?
The Hippocrates Weight Loss Academy (HWLA) is the world’s most comprehensive, natural and effective weight-loss plan. The miraculous shedding of unwanted fat is effortlessly achieved by consuming abundant volumes of organic, raw, plant-based foods.

Läs om weight loss academy program här! https://ms423.isrefer.com/go/hwla/MonicaLindgren
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cancer wellness program

Comprehensive cancer wellness program​

Emerging evidence indicates that impaired cellular metabolism and respiration are the defining characteristics of all cancers. Hippocrates Health Institute’s successful living plant based nutritional protocol has served as a worldwide Lifestyle Medicine Intervention Model which in the 3 Week ”quickly promotes detoxification & a restoration of a healthy metabolic profile necessary for regaining health.

This Program teaches people how to incorporate a holistic approach into their overall cancer treatment plan & develop personalized strategies for achieving desirable results in getting well & staying well. 

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online course

Lifestyle medicine online coaching program​​

You can study from your computer or smartphone anywhere in the world, on your own time.

Our curriculum has been designed to empower you to be successful at achieving extraordinary personal health once and for all, and to develop a career in teaching others Organic, Living Food, Plant-Based Nutrition and become a Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coach. The Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coaching program, comprised of 20 courses, will teach you the science and show you how to practically implement an organic, vegan, raw and living foods, plant-based diet and healthy, sustainable lifestyle with cutting-edge research and science, and train you to become a Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coach.

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Health educator certification program

This nine-week experiential program is offered here at our lush, tropical campus in West Palm Beach, Florida three times a year, with options available to divide the time if needed. It begins with three weeks of immersion into the Hippocrates Lifestyle and its core teachings and concludes with six weeks in a more structured classroom setting, deepening both confidence and understanding of how to bring this message to others in your unique way. You will graduate as a CERTIFIED HIPPOCRATES HEALTH EDUCATOR, connecting you to the global reputation Hippocrates Health Institute has earned over the last six decades! Completing the six week portion is all that is necessary for alumni of the Life Transformation Program.

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Doctor days

Doctor days

Medical doctors from all over the world are welcome as VIP guests to Hippocrates Health Institute for a 3-day immersion experience.

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HHI Pulse EMF skydd

Skydda dig mot strålning!
HHI Pulse Locket. 
A cutting-edge device that balances body and brain frequencies. 
A colloboration between Dr Hegall Vollert, a pioneer in bio-frequency medicine and Hippocrates Health Institute and Anna-Maria Clement.
How long is it good for? Forever
Does it need to be charged? No
Is it waterproof? No, water resistant
Protects what area? Comprehensive (360 degrees)
Material used for pendant? Stainless steel
Material used inside the pendant? Quartz woven into fibers in geometric patters
Additional benefits? Can help with pain and inflammation
Where to wear? Best near your solar plexus, but can be carried in your pocket
How does it work? attracts and then neutralizes EMF as they approach you from all sides

Flyer lecture Clements

Föreläsning med Brian och AnnaMaria Clement

Varje år håller Brian och AnnaMaria Clement föreläsningar i Sverige. 


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